My husband has a Google Mail account whose existence he only recently disclosed to me – like today!!! What’s up with that??!! He has a Gmail account and I don’t have the address! I can’t believe this!


He’s had the same email account for fifteen years, and yes, I was – and am – free to check his messages, or I think I still am. I know his user id and password – unless he changed them. We worked together on it – the original ones, anyway. I quit looking at his stuff years ago – it was boring. He was almost always over quota and if I deleted items I considered old – email messages age quickly for me – he’d become indignant. So I stopped. Who am I to suggest the benefits of being able to receive email by emptying one’s inbox on occasion? My husband has a Google Mail account and he just told me about it! He has a Gmail account and I don’t have the address! I absolutely cannot believe this!

I wonder, does he also have a Facebook account? Of course, if he does, wouldn’t Facebook contact me and suggest him as a friend? And what if I sent him a friend request and he declined it? What then? As far as I know he has no use for Facebook, but what if he’s been keeping secrets from me? OMG! My husband has a Gmail account and I don’t have the address. I’m not in any of his Google Circles – wow! I mean, we’ve been married for years – we’re not newlyweds and…well, we’ve been together for a while, nearly thirty years. So what’s up with this?

If I confront him about possibly having a Facebook account I just about know what to expect. He’ll look at me as though he’s never seen me before – and sometimes I wonder if he hasn’t – then he’ll open his mouth and out will come his usual response: “Have you lost your mind?”

I believe he believes I have lost my natural mind more than once. I know he thinks it’s gone most of the time, and when I ask him about his Facebook page – private person that he is – he’ll know for sure I have really and truly lost it, possibly for good. But he’ll keep on loving me because this is what everyone with a crazy spouse does. After all, what more can he do or say? We live together – for cryin’ out loud – and now I want to know all his business. My husband has a Gmail account and I don’t have the address. Darn!

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