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An Evergreen State native, Theresa Bennett-Wilkes grew up in California’s fabled San Francisco Bay Area, where she wrote her first novel, currently in its 2nd printing: Anna May and the Preacher, A collection of short stories.

Theresa is a proud second-generation Bennett Belle—an alumna of the oldest of two historically black colleges for women, Bennett College in Greensboro, N.C. Theresa earned her B.A. in History and completed her Master of Urban Planning degree at the University of Washington, Seattle.

She lived and worked many years in England and now resides in High Point, N.C., where she is an adjunct professor of communications at Guilford Technical Community College, in Jamestown, and currently working on three upcoming novels.

Theresa is a fearless writer of fiction. She believes that writing is both an act of love, and of defiance. Her stories connect on a deeply personal, yet universal level, leading her readers into their own experiences through her archetypal characters and plots.

She travels extensively with her husband Willie, collecting art and literature.  Theresa blogs at Anna May and the Preacher is available at Amazon in paperback, and on kindle.

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